December 1st, 1960 the National Navy rented with the Customs a helicopter Alouette II (n1233/137 F-YCWT). The naval air sation of Hyres received first C-28 A1 (n3032 F-ZBBF) in February 1969. The success met on the Mediterranean coasts gave logically, with the Directorate-General, the adoption of the same device on the Atlantique coast for the same imposing presence. From now on, the customs aviation equipped with modern aircraft was integrated entirely in the customs device of maritime and terrestrial surveys, today the air service is : - 90 Pilots - 70 Flight crew engineers - 50 Ground staff engineers for 31 aircrafts .



Current collar badge

Current bullion Hat Badge

Current métal breast badge

DAT shoulder patch

In 1982 after the reorganization of the aeroterrestrial watching branch , a Central Direction was created ( the Air land Directorate - Direction aéro-terrestre DAT.

D.A.T breast patch

The Brigade of air watching branch ( brigade de surveillance aérienne BSA in french ) of Hyres covers the Mediterranean area.

current shoulder patch
shoulder patch ( variation 1 )
Shoulder patch ( variation 2 )
This patch, nonofficial, was created by The Association of the Aeronautical Flight Crew of the French Customs , it was worn on the base-ball cap and it is not to date worn any more (Manufacturer : Insignia S.A Neuville-In-Ferrain 59).
Variation of the base-ball cap patch above.
Medal of the 25nd birthday of the air customs ( on September 20,1985).
helicopter pilot coast guard air sea watching branch soulder patch
helicopter pilot coast guard breast patch , Hyères Air Sea watching branch (BSAM) unit ( Mediterranean Coast district. ).
helicopter pilot coast guard breast patch , Le Havre Air Sea watching branch (BSAM) unit ( North Sea & Channel Coast district. ).