past badges


Before the appearance of badges such as we know them, the uniform of the customs officers was already rich in specific attributes to our administration, badge of shako or belt, these very rare badges make the happiness of the collectors today and are very difficult to find.


Non-commissioned officer's magnificent shako of the Imperial Customs ( Napoleonic Empire ).
Buttons of uniform marked Imperial Customs (1st Empire and the Hundred Days ).
SHAKO of the Royal Customs 1814-1816 ( private collection).

Magnificent shako of the customs of 1816 with badge of shako marked royal customs ( the Restoration )

( private collection)

Shako of the Royal Customs 1821 ( private collection ).
hat badge for shako ( 1848 1852 ).NEW
Button of uniform the first and second Restauration.
Button of the National Customs ( in November 28th, 1801 from 1804 )
Old Style Customs Belt Buckle, models officer 1900-1914.
Old Style Customs Belt Buckle, models troop 1900-1914.
Hat Badge for kepi (on 1903-1914).
shoulder patch
collar patch .
shoulder patch - Variation 1
shoulder patch - Variation 2