French Customs Metal Breast Badge, This is the current style badge worn by Customs officers for thier ceremonial uniform.

Tournai French-Belgian joint police/customs co-operation centre badge.

Joint police/customs co-operation centre, CCPD in french for Centre de coopération policière et douanière. There is one for each common border France /abroad (Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany - Spain) In these centers Police and Customs officers mix their information and investigations

Offenbourg French-German joint police/customs co-operation centre badge.

Khiel French-German joint police/customs co-operation centre badge

IMétal breast badge of the 8th customs Battalion ( STRASBOURG ) In 1939, the 8th customs Battalion includes six companies, attached to the XX military area. Augis manufacture 1940, the only known badge of a customs battalion.

ISLER manufacturer version of the above badge.

French customs métal breast badge, Saar Territory ( December 1946 to 1959) . German manufacture of Klein und Quenzer A.G (Odar - oberstein).fixation by screw.

Lapel badge of the above Saar territory customs breast badge .

French customs métal breast badge worn by the customs officers working in Berlin with the profit of the French forces in Germany ( FFA).

Non official badge like DNRED manufactured in 2002 ( hundred specimens only ).

Arthus Bertrand Paris manufactured.

The 44&50' Class promotion badge ( 44ème d'agent de constatation et 50 ème de contrôleurs des douanes) Rouen National Academy customs.

Metal capBadge . The round badge with the map of France was worn in 1976/1980 on the forage cap

manufacturer: Drago paris

Metal cap Badge - not worn anymore, due to the use of embroidered emblem sewn into the current headwear.

manufacturer: Drago PARIS

French customs hostess badge.