Current issue shoulder patch worn by customs officers of the landing watching branch (borders, airports and seaports). It's representing France with its colours (blue, white, red) protected by a green strip on which "DOUANES" (customs in French) is written.
Current breast Patch , worn just on top of the left pocket ( blue background ).
variation of the above breast Patch ( black background ).

experiment breast patch

Old shoulder Patch ,Worn on the mountain anorak in winters ( prior to 1993, the french customs patches were written French Customs ).
Left tittle shoulder patch.
On 1 January 1993 all countries belonging to the European Union became a single market by enforcing the Single European Act and merging into a common customs and Value Added Tax (VAT) zone .. This patch was worn on the anorak with the curved Customs shoulder patch above. the first french customs patches only written Customs.
special version ,manufacture at the time of a forwarding in high mountain for French customs team.
Old bulletproof vest breast patch, the first body armor equipment in unit, was very heavy, now french customs officers wear an under cover body armor like police units.
experiment breast patch.
experiment breast patch.
experiment breast patch, tested by a few customs units of the north of France.
experiment shoulder patches
experiment breast patch.
CALAIS BSI nonofficial shoulder patch.
Nonofficial shoulder patch of the customs unit of " Roissy Charles de Gaulle " airport.

Nonofficial shoulder patch like DNRED badge ( a few were manufactured ).

The Centre for Police and Customs Cooperation ( Centre de coopération police douane CCPD in french ) There is one for each common border France /abroad (Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany ) Police and Customs officers mix their information and investigations.the CCPD will be staffed 24 hours a day, and will have a staff of 20-40 from each country.

Switzerland-french CPCC Geneva patch ( the centre is based at Geneva airport ).

Spain-french CPCC MELLES PONT DU ROY patch .first patch

Spain-french CPCC MELLES PONT DU ROY patch .

German-french CPCC of KHEL ( germany ) patch.

The Regional Intervention Group ( Groupes d'Intervention Régional , GIR in french ) is a co-operation unit, officers from Police Nationale, Gendamerie, civils servant of the taxes and Douanes work together, this operational structure is intended to fight against all the forms of traffic and underground delinquency. 75 district GIR patch ( district of Paris ).

91 district RIG patch ( district of Essonne ).
93 district RIG patch ( district of Seine Saint Denis ).
94 district RIG patch ( district of Val de Marne ).
Bourgogne area RIG patch ( district of Bourgogne ).

Self defense instructor patch

Menton customs unit patch ( Nonofficial ).

Cluses customs unit patch ( Nonofficial ).

Cluses is a city near Chamonix Mont-Blanc, between the Italian border and the Swiss border.

The national judiciary customs service patch.

The 51' executive Class promotion patch ( contrôleurs des douanes-La Rochelle National Academy customs).

Paris spécial unit patch

Sport association patch from the National Academy of Customs.

La Rochelle National Academy Customs, is the training académy for the customs officers of the preventive branch . Patch of the academy, Manufacturer BAO Communication, La Rochelle in 2006.

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Regional directorate of Perpignan patch.

Regional directorates have general powers that are limited to a specific part of the country. They are 40 regional directorates(metropolitan France and overseas départements). The overseas territories have two regional directorates (French Polynesia and New Caledonia) .

asnd ecusson
ASND patch (ASND is for Association Sportive Nationale des Douanes (National Sport Association of Customs Department) You can see the European stars and two sport shoes, 1980 .
Patch of the high-visibility waistcoat ( worn before 1993 )
Cap mountain patch
Cap mountain patch (variation ).
woman cap patch .
Experiment cap patch
woman cap patch .
collar patch
collar patch

customs unit patch

Nonofficial shoulder patch Nogent sur Oise customs unit .